Cluster: Teracotta

Location: Wardha

Products Made: Jewellery, Coasters, Scrubbers

Terracotta is a clay-like earthenware ceramic that can be either glazed or unglazed. In addition to being used for flower pots, terracotta is also often used for water and sewage pipes, bricks, and sculptures. Terracotta can be easily sculpted into all sorts of shapes. To harden terracotta, it must be heated to between 530-1100° C. Once it hardens, it is still a bit porous, which means it can be penetrated by water. However, a simple coat of glaze can make terracotta water tight. The women in Wardha have formed an SHG called Wardhini Seva Sangh. It was established in 2010 and started with merely 40 women. Today as many as 150 women are a part of Wardhini Seva Sangh in the various products such as paper, bags, stitching and terracotta. All products made by the women of Wardhini Seva Sangh are sold under an umbrella brand called Wardhini. There are two outlets of Wardhini, one in Wardha and the other in Nagpur. In their training through the Disha project, they were taught to make products other than jewellery, expand creative thinking, improve colour combination, use now techniques to create textures on the surface of the products.