We value our relationships with the artisans that they bring our products to life and are focused on making an increased impact in their life too. The ability to hire women artisan from Bhiwadi, Maharashtra villages( Aarey, Ganeshpuri, Sai Baba Nagar, Nimabada, Karivali, Pundas , Dhonda vadavli and many more)  and contribute to their economic empowerment is  joy.


Shabana, 36 years old women is a one of the beneficiaries belongs to the Muslim Community. She educated up to 7th standard in Urdu medium then got married. Her husband is the owner of a small shop in the village.  Being a homemaker and mother of three children, Shabana already had acquired skill of stitching before she got married. “I can stitch many things like mattress, salwar-kameez, blouses..etc. I stitch whatever comes to me as she and her mother-in-law believe that one should not deny the opportunity of making earnings. Shabana came to know about Warli painting from a community resource person in the month of December 2018. “I never heard about Warli art earlier” She joined as she had the curiosity of Warli art and eager to acquire a new skill. The training was organized at doorsteps with limited hours in a day,  which was suitable for her. She is very happy getting involved in production immediately after training,  with that she made additional earning.

“I am already earning through stitching clothes but the prime benefit out of this training was that I got an opportunity to get mix with the women of other communities. I also got a new friend circle which helped me to build my confidence level. I was very shy and use to talk very little to anybody even from my community (“Training ke pahele main kisi se bhi baat nahi karti thi, hasati bhi nahi thi”), but now people of my community are appreciating about my confidence. I also improved my dialogue with them.

Shabana is quite confident now and wishes to expand the business by using both her skills (Stitching and  Warli). She has made some samples on her own and ready to try to develop some innovative products at her own as well as with Producer Group.


Passionate Madhuri – Journey of ordinary learner to trainer

Madhuri Ramoshi, 25 years

A young woman, Madhuri has a passion for drawing and painting since her childhood. She used to draw  pictures on walls of her house. She had more interest in making drawings rather than study other subjects in her school days.  Her teacher use to appreciate her for her drawing skills. “I use to draw pictures on walls; I did not leave any wall of my house before marriage.  See, here also I have painted this cartoon on walls.  I copied this cartoon from Key chain” she took to her home and shown a cartoon painted on the wall of her small house.

Community Mobilizor, Ms. Babita Khandekar had once informed about the Warli training organized by LTI/UNDP/TISSER to women in community.  “I found it very interesting.  In past, I had only heard about Warli art but I had absolutely no Idea about it.  I decided to grab this opportunity that may help me to rejuvenate my drawing skills and I decided to enroll myself.”

“My level of interests was increasing day by day during the training.  Apart from practicing in training class, I stared practicing at my level.  I did Warli painting on anything…. Literally on anything.  I made painting on cloth bag, plastic bucket, empty Ice cream box, broken slate, pieces of woods thrown by carpenters, cushion cover, plain handkerchief, wedding card covers an what not….”  She had shown all samples made by her with smile.  Her family members are very supportive, she has 3 year old kid, her mother in law takes care of him while she comes to attend the Warli classes. “My daughter –in –law is so passionate for Warli art, she wake up anytime at mid night and start practicing, making samples of Warli. It’s like she got crazy about Warli Art”, her mother-in-law expressed with appreciation. “The Warli figures always comes even when I am sleeping, in my dreams…so I wake up whatever time it may be and start my practicing”. She added with the agreement of her mother –in –law.  Her husband is also very supportive and encourages her to learn the new art she likes.

“I would not stop here only; I want to try innovations in Warli.  See, generally Warli designs are made using paints but see my samples, I used Warli figures using patch work, glitter sheets etc.  Apart from traditional Warli art techniques, I also wish to use contemporary events, designs, colours in my Warli Products”  She shown her contemporary sample having glitter patch work of  Warli figures are having food on dining table.  “I shown sample to one of the school located nearby and I got order of making Warli painting on small clay pots from one of  the teacher, which is worth Rs. 50/- each“.  Her co – trainees were appreciating her for her order that she got before the completion of training.

After completion of training, the cluster women were engaged in the production of various Warli products, Madhuri is participating very enthusiastically in every production.  Recently, she had been sent to participate in art exhibition organized in famous R city Mall of Ghatkopar, Mumbai.  “I got very good opportunity to interact with people. From that, I got knowledge of current designing trends, clients’ demands, dealing with clients and lot more.  During exhibition, I also visited other stalls, designer shops in malls that could help me to update my knowledge and skills. Some people even asked and wish to invite them to give the training in their areas. I would like to thanks all my efficient trainers and team members for that.” She along with her co-trainee also conducted a Warli Art Workshop for 70 to 80 modern participants with confidence.

“This training made lots of changes in my life.  I had started as a ordinary learner of Warli but within a short span of 3 months, I learned the Warli art, I became a producer, I earned money at my own, I engaged in production and the most important thing is that, a lady, hardly 7th standard pass out could confidently stand and conduct a Warli training first time in my entire life and that to in front of modern English speaking crowd. I never thought even in my dreams that I may become a trainer also.  I wish to receive advanced training in Warli in future.  Warli is my passion, it is my life now and I want to establish in this art only” she concluded smiling with sparkled eyes.

Opportunity to represent as Warli Artist in Taj

Vidya Antony Swamy, 18 years 

Vidya, a first-year student of BFA (Bachelor of Finance and Accounts) never had exposure and interest in fine arts. She came to know about the Warli art training from community mobilizer Ms. Babita Khandekar about Warli training to be planned in her area.  She also came a little bit about Warli training from some women of the first batch already completed training.

“I was curious about the art so joined the training. Initially, I was scared as I did not have any background of art, but I developed interest day by day during training. Immediately after completion of training and practicing, we got an opportunity to make a variety of Warli products. We made Jute bags, mojri, candle stands, paper bags, diaries, planters, wooden baskets, etc.” she added. “Before, I have not worked anywhere. I was very happy and excited when I got the first payment of my life.  This is very precious for me, I have kept it separately and will spend to pay my tuition fees, travel expenses (metro/train/bus), and other expenses related to education”. She told that her father, mother, and younger brother are very happy for her as she has become an earning member of a family at a younger age while pursuing her education.  Some of her friends also made inquiries of training and shown interest to join.

She is developed interest now and feeling happy as her talent level in art has enhanced.  She is happy for making a variety of products as it was helpful to improve the levels of her knowledge and skills. I want to learn Warli art further. Right now part-time work is suitable for me as I am seeking my regular studies. But in the future, surely I can think about starting my own business”. She expressed. Meanwhile, she is practicing and trying to make her own samples of Warli.  “I draw Warli designs on a leaf, cloth.  I have something in my mind and will try to develop samples of innovative products like Coconut shells, Cardboards, and Boxes.”

I also got an opportunity to represent my cluster in the exhibition of R City Mall, Ghatkopar. I got a chance to interact with the variety of clients, various age groups, know market trends, and demand. Today, I am going to participate and represent in Exhibition on behalf of LTI/UNDP/TISSER organized in a Hotel Taj, India’s No. 1 hotel.  What else can be the happiest moment for me ?” Vidya questioned with excitement.


“After Warli training, I started thinking about innovative products using fusion” Prachiti Pramod Patil, a 29-year woman who was talking enthusiastically.  A young lady from Asnoli had a passion for the creative field. “I used to make products from waste – following the principle of ‘best out of waste’. I also completed a Diploma course in Fashion Design and also know to stitch.

“I developed an interest in learning about Warli art when I heard about the Warli training so be scheduled in our village. I enrolled myself and completed 15 days of training.  We learned various skills and aspects from our efficient trainers like drawing, painting, use of appropriate colors, finishing of the products, etc.”

Aditi has a one-year-old son.  She mentioned that her in-laws are very supportive and taking care of her son when she attends the classes.

“I am very fond of designing the cloths as I did fashion designing.  I am passionate about designing new clothes. I always buy the second-hand fashion design magazines of well-known fashion designer ‘Ritu Kumar’ from scrap store in Bhiwandi.  I get these magazines spending only 5 to 10 rupees; otherwise, these magazines are very expansive. I always think to try new designs by referring to these magazines.” Aditi was shown in these magazines and one of the dresses designed by her.

“I buy the cloth from ‘Lala Market’ in Bhiwandi where I can get lots of variety at reasonable rates. I would like to try fusion in Warli products like Warli cloth using Patches, various fabric painting patterns, sparkles, beads, threads, etc. and want to develop own design catalog.  In the future, I wish to start my own business; we together will are also ready to take bulk production in the group.”

She believes that training will give an opportunity to make her own identity. “Though I am in stitching and fashion designing, I now decided to settle down in Warli art” Aditi concluded with a smile.